Red Seat Belts For Sale

Red Seat Belt For Sale
We are selling red seat belts through our seat belt webbing replacement service!

You may have been relentlessly looking through all the newspapers and online sites in search of red seat belts for sale, but to no avail. Lucky for you there is the company Safety Restore. Although they do not have red seat belts for sale, they can replace your existing seat belt webbing with red material! The pricing at just $74.99 per belt will come out costing you a lot less than buying red seat belts online or at a dealer, any way, and who doesn’t like saving money?

Several characteristics of the company can leave you assured of their quality and safety, and give you an idea as to why they have garnered so many positive reviews throughout their years of service. Only highly experienced and well trained engineers are employed at Safety Restore. All repairs are completed with industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. Safety Restore completes the repair work with a fast 24 hour turnaround time and backs all services up with a lifetime warranty! Rather than buying red seat belts for sale elsewhere, you can have red seat belts in your vehicle that have automated stitching and exceeded FMVSS standards when purchasing the service at Safety Restore. Quality is of upmost importance when it comes to such a crucial safety component in your vehicle, and who knows what you would be getting if you bought the seat belts from a stranger or at a junk yard. Safety Restore goes above and beyond by re-webbing the material on the original seat belt down to the spool, cleaning out the assembly mechanism, making sure to replace the original factory stitching pattern, and restitching the original manufacturer tags and accessories. 

The process of getting red seat belts by the company is quite effortless, too. All you need to do is log onto their website,, select and pay for the red seat belt webbing replacement service, remove your current seat belts, box them up, and ship them out using any preferred carrier. Safety Restore would then receive your belts, perform all the necessary work, and ship the items back within just 24 hours. In just a few days you can be back on the road again, but with brand new red seat belts!

If this sounds like a plan to you, and much more agreeable than continuing to scourge the newspapers and web for red seat belts for sale, head over to Safety Restore today!

Ferrari Red Seat Belts in Daily Driven Exotics

Our Ferrari Red seat belts were recently featured in Daily Driven Exotics Ferrari FF video! The collaboration of the two, us being the seat belt webbing replacement company and them (DDE) being the YouTube video vloggers and exotic cars reviewers. With limitless possibilities of car mods out there, from wheels, body kits, engine, spoilers, wraps, exhaust & more – there is one simple interior one that changes everything! That’s replacing the seat belt color to a custom one of your choice! Ferrari Red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, pink, turquoise, you name it! Here at Safety Restore we use safety belt webbing that meets or exceeds the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and professional automated sewing machines to stitch the strongest patterns on your seat belts. This custom color seat belt webbing replacement service is done on your existing seat belts and the original tensioner mechanism or the retractor remains 100% original! Check out the review with Damon from Daily Driven Exotics and the Ferrari FF video!

The already beautiful Ferrari FF’s interior looks that much better with our Ferrari Red seat belts. It really does make the interior pop in a way that many expensive mods would not be able to do. For something so inexpensive or almost cheap at $74.99 per belt it’s a no brainer that you can’t go wrong with swapping your belt color. Whether you have a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Mitsubishi, VW, Subaru, Ford, Chevy or literally any other car – we can do your belts. So what colors do we have in stock? How does it work? Here’s a link that explains it all and you can place your order for custom color seat belts right on the website!