Improve the Look on Your Restored Vehicle

Update the look of your car with custom seat belts!

Whether you are into restoring vehicles on your own or get your vehicle restored by a local body shop, there is always something you could do to improve the look of the vehicle to make it stand out. There are many people out there that enjoy car shows and restoring older car models and putting newer components in the vehicle to make it stand out. There are so many ways to have an improved look without spending a fortune.

One of the ways you can improve the look on your restores vehicle by keeping the vehicle clean. Nothing makes your car look cheaper if it’s filthy on the inside and out. Grime, dirt, crumbs, upholstery stains, dust all detract from your car’s curb appeal and value. The first step to making your car look amazing is to make sure it’s clean. Nothing diminishes the value more from your car’s appearance more than a dent or rust. So getting those fixed will surely improve your vehicles’ look. You can go a creative way and instead of painting the vehicle you can get it wrapped. The vinyl wrap can completely cover the whole vehicle or just a portion of it, like the hood or roof, and can change not only the color but can be used to apply images or even textures to your car. To improve the look of your vehicle you get new seat covers and floor mats. Another way you can improve the look of your vehicle is by getting custom seat belts.

Custom seat belts are getting more and more popular now, where you can customize the color of your seat belts. Safety Restore is just the company that can create the custom seat belts for you! They will replace your old and worn-out black, gray, tan, or brown seat belts with a brand new shade like Ferrari Red, Neon Green, Cobalt Blue, Hot Pink, or an Illuminating Yellow! You won’t be spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars that you would be by going to a dealer to get the custom seat belts. Instead, you will be paying only $74.99 per belt.

Custom Seat Belts Gafix

Nice looking red custom seat belts

Add An Extra Zing In Your Vehicle By Getting Custom Seat Belts

Want to add that extra zing to your vehicle that will make it stand apart from the rest? In this day and age, there are so many ways to do that, whether it be adding custom lighting, personalized seat covers, and custom wrapping on the exterior—just to name a few. However, oftentimes these options either cost a ton of money or look a bit tacky. Also, they may simply not match your style. A great alternative to these options and one that will probably top your list once you hear about it is custom seat belt webbing.

With custom seat belt webbing from Safety Restore, pretty much any individual can find something that will fit their personality and vehicle. The company offers a variety of seat belt colors that you can replace your boring standard-colored belts with. You can even get creative with the way you install the new belts! If it is your thing, you can get one color for your front seat belts and another for the back seat belts. Or, you can even choose a different color for every seat! The choice is entirely up to you!
Safety Restore offers its custom seat belt webbing services to individuals with all makes and models of vehicles. You don’t have to just own a showy sports car to get this service.

You can rest assured that the custom seat belts will be just as safe and outstanding in quality as manufacturer seat belts. Safety Restore makes sure to follow FMVSS standards and perform the webbing replacement using only industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. FMVSS standards are always carefully met. The company even takes the extra step of replicating the stitching pattern of customers’ original belts and replacing any tags, accessories, and attachments.

When choosing to get replacement seat belt webbing here, you can also expect great prices, 24-hour turnaround time, and a lifetime warranty guarantee. The cost for seat belt webbing replacement comes out to just $74.99, regardless of the color you choose.

Visit and get that update to your vehicle that you’ve been searching for!

It's simple. They are honest, fair, knowledgeable, and do what they advertise. Don't hesitate place your order, save money.

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The Trick To Tackling The Summer In Style

Be summer ready with colored seat belts!

Summer is officially a couple of days away! That means pool parties, BBQs, camping, and beach trips are right around the corner! Did I also mention that summer time is the best time to drive your car with the top down? Driving in style to all the summer destinations just makes everything so much more fun! Of course, you may not own a flashy sports car or a convertible and may think that there is no way that you could make your car into something you’ll be excited about. After all, you may be driving a simple Toyota that has been passed on among your siblings until you were finally able to drive it! What I am about to suggest will definitely prove you wrong and can bring even a regular old Toyota from drab to fab! This simple way to prep your car and make it sleek for summer is to get colored seat belts! The best part about it is that this simple fix makes the world of a difference but doesn’t cost a whole lot like other changes (a paint job, new rims, custom wrapping, etc.) would!

Colored seat belts are still not very prevalent out on the road, so even your regular Toyota can stand apart from the rest with colored seat belts! Most cars are equipped with the typical gray, black, brown, or tan belts. As for you, you can choose from a whole array of colors. That is, if you turn to the company Safety Restore!

Safety Restore offers custom color seat belt webbing that has been all the rage with its customers. The company has a wide range of colors to choose from, including Ferrari red, neon green, bright yellow, and hot pink to name a few! Whatever your preference, you’ll surely find it there! If you feel particularly bold, you can even choose a different color for your front seat belts versus your back seat belts, or pick a different color for each individual belt! The company only charges $74.99 per belt and makes sure to replicate the original stitching pattern and replace any manufacturer tags or attachments.

Was looking to have the color of my seatbelts changed, when I ran across Safety Restore online. After a few minutes…

Posted by Randy L May on Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Custom Car Interior

Custom colored seatbelts are a great addition to your custom car interior!

Customizing your vehicle can be a fun process. Whether it is a classic car remodel or just a standard vehicle you would like to make changes to, there are countless ways to make it unique, making it your own.

When it comes to the interior of your vehicle there so many things you can do especially. This includes getting custom color seat belts, changing the lining of the seats, getting new gauges, wheel, and stick shift .Sometimes even the smallest change can make a big statement. When doing any changes to your vehicle, one thing to consider is the type of car it is. For example, If you are customizing a classic car, you are more likely to choose options that resemble the original parts to the vehicle. Or maybe you’d like to go bold and add a modern flare to the vintage look. If you are customizing a sports car, you are likely to pick more vibrant sleek styles. Every part of the exterior as well as interior of your vehicle adds character, and creates a new vibe for the car.

A new car color is a great way to make a big impact. However, if you may not have the finances for such a big project or just want to add an impact elsewhere, consider getting custom color seat belts. Different seat belt colors can convey different vibes. For example, an orange color seatbelt can add energy or simple black can add sleekness. This is a great time to let the professionals handle this task – all you have to do is pick the color!
Safety Restore is a post accident repair company that offers several services for all your vehicles Supplemental Restraint System needs. They offer dozens of color options for seat belt webbing. They can change your seat belt webbing for a fraction of the cost. Not only is Safety Restore affordable, it is also very fast. Once they receive your item, they will repair and ship it back within only 24 hours! They also offer a lifetime guarantee as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

With all the options we have today, your imagination and creativity is your only limiting power when it comes to customizing your vehicle. Let Safety Restore help make all your car dreams come to life quickly, affordably, and beautifully. Trusted by thousands of customers, you can rest assured that you will be in good hands. Visit for more information.

Custom Yellow Seat Belts In Any Car

There’s plenty of options available when it comes to modifying your car’s interior, but nothing beats custom yellow seat belts! Did you even know you can swap your boring seat belts and get custom color seat belts? That’s right! For only $74.99 per belt, your interior can be completely transformed and really make a statement whether in person or on your Instagram! 😉

Meet Safety Restore. Here’s a photo directly from Instagram:

You simply cannot beat custom yellow seat belts! Somebody tried; they got arrested! :joy: but seriously, a mod so cheap that speaks so loud. So whether you have a BMW, Porsche; Lamborghini, Ferrari or a Honda, Subaru or a Mitsubishi, Safety Restore can swap your seat belts to any color of your choice. Just to name a few, here are the colors:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Turquoise
  • Green
  • Red edged black
  • Yellow edged black
  • Orange edged black
  • Camo green
  • Baby blue
  • Neon green
  • Lime green
  • Burgundy
  • Royal blue
  • Elegant red
  • And more!

The process is super simple and only requires you to remove your existing seat belts and mail them in! Safety Restore does the rest. Within 24 hours of receiving, your seat belts will be re-webbed with the color of your choice and stitched to meet or exceed FMVSS! Everyone’s talking about this service. Heard of Daily Driven Exotics? Check this out:

That’s right! Daily Driven Exotics with custom color seat belts in a Ferrari by Safety Restore. Are you sold yet?

Here, browse around and learn all about the company:

About Safety Restore Seat Belt Company

Safety Restore was incorporated nationally in 2013, but operated long before that. It started out as a seat belt repair company, working on locked and blown seat belts after accident and then expanded to repairing retractors that are no longer working. A common issue that arose with seat belt repairs is frayed seat belt webbing. Lots of seat belts came in with dirty fabric, classic cars with aged material and even dog chewed seat belts! It was a safety standard to replace all stretched, frayed, old or dog chewed seat belts. All standard colors and patterns of black, tan and gray was stocked in 3 panels, 5 panels and 7 panels. Polyester FMVSS webbing compatible with all seat belt types! Then, Safety Restore manufacturer had some left over stock of Ferrari Red seat belts that was picked up and offered to some customers for a limited time. It was sold out! More red seat belt webbing was restocked and Safety Restore quickly realized that there was a demand for custom color seat belts! Yellow and red being the most popular color. Years down the road, you can now choose not only from red or yellow seat belt colors, but dozens more! Here’s just a few more images from @safetyrestore Instagram:

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and choose your color so your car’s interior can be brought to the next level. If yellow seat belts is what you’re looking for, you’ll be blow away. There are plenty of YouTube videos to help you with removing the seat belts and installing them. And if you’re handy, this will be a breeze.

Custom Seat Belts

Custom Seat Belts
Get custom colored seat belts with

Getting custom seat belts is the perfect way to set your car apart from the rest in the lot. The other distinctions that people choose to add on to their car such as spoilers, new rims, or even a custom car wrap are more prevalent on the road, but not many people can boast about custom seat belts. You can be one of the first in your group of friends to do so, and see as they begin following suit!

Safety Restore is just the company that can create the custom seat belts for you! They will replace your old and worn out black, gray, tan, or brown seat belts with a dazzling new shade like Ferrari Red, Neon Green, Cobalt Blue, Hot Pink, or an Illuminating Yellow! 

You can rest assured that the work they put out is at the greatest caliber of quality that there is. The company only employs highly experienced seat belt engineers, ensures the use of industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts, and has always met or exceeded FMVSS standards. Not only that, but you will be satisfied with Safety Restore’s 24 hour turnaround time and lifetime warranty attached to all of its services. The prices are quite the bargain too. You won’t be spending the hundreds or even thousands of dollars that you would be by going to a dealer to get the custom seat belts. Instead, you will be paying a mere $74.99 per belt! If that is not a deal, what would be?!

Safety Restore makes the process of getting custom seat belts fast and easy too. If you are interested in getting custom seat belts you simply log onto their website,, then select and pay for the custom color seat belt webbing replacement service–making sure to select the amount of belts you are sending in and the color you would like your new webbing to be. After that, you simply have to remove your current belts with all the hardware attached, box them up, and ship them out to Safety Restore using any preferred carrier. The skilled seat belt masters will take care of the rest for you. Within just 24 hours of receiving your belts, they will perform the re-webbing to give you your own set of custom seat belts. In just a few short days you will be back on the road and your car will be the talk of the town.