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Add An Extra Zing In Your Vehicle By Getting Custom Seat Belts

Want to add that extra zing to your vehicle that will make it stand apart from the rest? In this day and age, there are so many ways to do that, whether it be adding custom lighting, personalized seat covers, and custom wrapping on the exterior—just to name a few. However, oftentimes these options either cost a ton of money or look a bit tacky. Also, they may simply not match your style. A great alternative to these options and one that will probably top your list once you hear about it is custom seat belt webbing.

With custom seat belt webbing from Safety Restore, pretty much any individual can find something that will fit their personality and vehicle. The company offers a variety of seat belt colors that you can replace your boring standard-colored belts with. You can even get creative with the way you install the new belts! If it is your thing, you can get one color for your front seat belts and another for the back seat belts. Or, you can even choose a different color for every seat! The choice is entirely up to you!
Safety Restore offers its custom seat belt webbing services to individuals with all makes and models of vehicles. You don’t have to just own a showy sports car to get this service.

You can rest assured that the custom seat belts will be just as safe and outstanding in quality as manufacturer seat belts. Safety Restore makes sure to follow FMVSS standards and perform the webbing replacement using only industry standard tools and 100% OEM parts. FMVSS standards are always carefully met. The company even takes the extra step of replicating the stitching pattern of customers’ original belts and replacing any tags, accessories, and attachments.

When choosing to get replacement seat belt webbing here, you can also expect great prices, 24-hour turnaround time, and a lifetime warranty guarantee. The cost for seat belt webbing replacement comes out to just $74.99, regardless of the color you choose.

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Posted by Wayne Brown on Wednesday, March 20, 2019