Who is Safety Restore?

Safety Restore is a repair facility specializing in restoring seat belt pretensioners and resetting airbag modules.

How does the service work?

It’s easy! Simply pay for the service online, and mail in in your seat belts and/or airbag modules for repair!

Can you serve customers nationwide?

Yes! We accept orders from all over the U.S. and ship to all states including Alaska & Hawaii. Visit our online store at SafetyRestore.com to order now!

Do you replace seat belt webbing?

We sure do. If your seat belt is frayed, ripped, cut, torn or dog-chewed, simply send it to us and we’ll replace it with brand new OEM webbing.

Do you offer any guarantee or warranty?

Yes. All of our repair services are 100% guaranteed or your money back. In addition, we provide Lifetime Warranty on all parts replaced.

My seat belts are locked, can you repair that?

Yes! That’s exactly what we do.

My seat belts retract slowly, can you fix that?

Yes again. Any internal mechanism that needs attention, will be properly addressed by our technicians and rebuilt to OEM spec.

My airbag light is on, and points to a faulty seat belt, but the seat belt seems good... What do I do?

Just because the seat belt seems good, does not mean it is. There could be many internal problems putting your safety at risk! This kind of seat belt needs to be repaired immediately. 

I'm ready to order, How do I proceed?

Visit our online store at SafetyRestore.com
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