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Since the production of the first ever Volkswagen Beetle in Germany, Volkswagen has grown into a global brand. Founded in 1937, Volkswagen Group has managed to stay profitable, even in light of its fairly recent emissions scandal. In fact, Volkswagen Group was named the sixth largest company according to Fortune 500 in 2017; in 2016, Volkswagen was ranked sixth by Fortune 500. The Volkswagen brand is famous for quality, efficiency, modern design, and manufacturing vehicles that last. Volkswagen Group is now in over 150 countries with 100 manufacturing plants spread across 27 countries.

One of the ways Volkswagen was able to become one of the most powerful corporations in the world has been in large part due to the powerful subsidiaries under Volkswagen Group. Not many people realize the brands Volkswagen Group encompasses. Prepare to be surprised, as many of these names are powerful brands on their own.

Volkswagen Group acquired Audi in 1965, Bentley in 1998, Bugatti in 1998, Lamborghini in 1998, Porsche in 2012, SEAT in 1986, Skoda in 2008. Volkswagen Group passenger vehicles under brands Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT, Skoda, and of course, Volkswagen. The brand also sells many commercial vehicles under the brands: MAN in, Scania, and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. With such a broad assortment of vehicles, Volkswagen Group is able to target a wide commercial demographic and maximize popularity and profitability.

Whether you own a Volkswagen Golf or a Lamborghini Avdentador, Safety Restore offers colored seat belt webbing replacement that can fit any make or model. When it comes to seat belt webbing replacement, make and model do not matter: seat belts are a necessity for any type of vehicle. If your seat belts are not working properly or looking frayed, contact Safety Restore about seat belt webbing replacement today. With a variety of unusual colors such as blue, red, pink, purple and yellow, seat belt webbing replacement can revamp the interior of your vehicle. Simply detach your seat belts and mail them to Safety Restore. With a 24-hour turnaround time, your seat belts with webbing replacement will be returned to you as soon as possible.