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While drivers do not often think about emergency flooding conditions, they are a dangerous emergency situation that drivers should be prepared for. Flooding can be caused by rain, coastal storms, surges, snow, and overflowing water systems like dams. Water can accumulate rapidly by flash floods, or gradually. Not only can flooding lead to increased water on the roads, but it can cause power outages, damage vehicles and buildings, or create landslides. Of course a driver should avoid flooded areas as much as possible. However, if it is too late and your vehicle is becoming engulfed by water, you will need to following flood emergency rules to ensure safety.

First, try to stay calm in emergency flooding situations. The goal of any flooding situation is to get to higher ground. If you can drive safely out of the flood water, try to do so. If the car begins to move with the flood waters, stay inside. Do not leave your vehicle and attempt to walk or swim away. Conversely, if water floods into your vehicle at rapid pace that can lead to drowning, you may need to leave your car and seek refuge on the roof.

If you are stranded in water, the first thing you should do is put on your hazard lights and call 911. Second, take off your seat belt and unlock all your doors in case you need to quickly vacate your vehicle. Third, open your window slowly. Even in a flood, electric windows should still function for a while. If your windows are not functioning, you may need to open a car door. While water can cause damage to the interior of your vehicle, this may be your only escape. In this case, you may have to flee to the roof of your car while you wait for safety. Hopefully, rescuers will be on their way to assist you before you reach this point.

Hopefully you never have to experience emergency flooding. However, be prepared by ensuring your vehicle is maintained properly; this includes SRS Airbag Module Reset. If your airbag light is on or not functioning, you may need SRS Airbag Module Reset by Safety Restore. SRS Airbag Module Reset allows for impact data to be reset instead of replaced. Not only does SRS Airbag Module Reset save a driver upwards of $1,000.00, but it is much less wasteful. Safety Restore completes SRS Airbag Module Reset by using an OEM factory installed program to render your airbag module as good as new. Safety Restore will complete SRS Airbag Module Reset within 24 hours of receiving it so you can continue to be safe on the roads.

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