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Who Does Speedometer Recalibration

Vehicles are equipped with a speedometer which indicates how fast the vehicle is traveling at any given moment. The odometer, on the other hand, tells us how far the vehicle has traveled. They work hand in hand to determine if any services are needed, and to help keep you driving safely on the road. Having a properly calibrated speedometer is very important when your vehicle is on the road. If it is giving the wrong reading, and you may not know this, you may think you are driving 65 on the highway, but in fact you are driving 75. If you are ever pulled over and told that you have been speeding, but your speedometer said that you were in fact driving the speed limit, you can still get a ticket. There are several reasons why your speedometer may be off. Tire diameter, tire wear, tire temperature, pressure, vehicle load, and differential gearing can all have an effect of the speedometers reading. Also, if you have bought a salvage car or got a speedometer from a different vehicle to put into another, the mileage needs to be adjusted. So now you know to make sure your speedometer is calibrated, but who does speedometer recalibration?

Safety Restore is a post accident restoration company who does speedometer recalibration and specializes in all things regarding your vehicles Supplemental Restraint System. Safety Restore can help rebuilding tachometer gauge, oil gauge repair, temperature gauge repair, gas gauge repair, and car odometer repair. They can fix it all! The process is very simple. Visit and select the “Cluster Repair” service. Select the Make and Model of your vehicle before checking out. Then, simply send them your cluster and you can save up to $600 as compared to buying a new one at the dealer. Safety Restore will repair and ship back your item within 24 hours of receiving it, saving you both time and money. Isn’t that incredible?! They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty on all their services as well. Visit to learn more.

Updated on July 5, 2019

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