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What is Speedometer Recalibration?

Vehicles have a cluster in them that includes many things, including the speedometer and odometer. It displays the tachometer gauge, odometer gauge, gas/fuel, gauge, temperature gauge, as well as transmission gauge. If you notice that there may be an issue with the speedometer like it giving incorrect reading, sticking, fluttering, or just not working, then you may need to get the speedometer repair or calibrated. What is speedometer recalibration?

A speedometer is calibrated to ensure that the magnetic field torque reads and displays the correct speed of the vehicle. It takes into account the gear ratio of the drive cable, the tires diameter, as well as the drive ratio in the differential. If any of these are changed, the speedometer needs to be calibrated for those changes. The easiest way to calibrate the speedometer is to modify the magnetic field’s strength. This is done by using an electromagnet to adjust to match the input from the device’s drive cable.

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Updated on July 5, 2019

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