Airbag Module Reset

Does Your Deployed SRS Airbag Module Need to be Reset after an Accident?

SRS Airbag Module Deployed
Example of an srs airbag module that was reset after it was deployed during an accident.

Believe it or not, winter is right around the corner. If you are from a part of the country that experiences a harsh winter, you know that this dangerous time can wear out your vehicle. From heavy snow fall to black ice to below zero temperatures, roads in the winter season are riddled with danger. Each year, thousands of drivers end up stranded due to hazardous roads or malfunctioning vehicles, anywhere from short periods of time, to even days. Aside from the typical dangers of being on the road, there is also an increasing danger of hypothermia. Most drivers are not adequately prepared to be stranded, but you can take measures to ensure safety in the event you are stranded in your vehicle during a storm.

First, you should try to keep your vehicle fueled as much as possible in the winter time, especially when taking a long trip. In the event you are stranded, that gas in your tank might be all you have to keep warm for hours, if not days. You can also create a winter emergency kit to leave in your vehicle. Aside from the usual first aid kit, you should include emergency flares, flashlights, a radio, extra batteries, and ice scraper and a bag of sand to help with traction. You will also need to pack items to keep you warm if you are stranded for a length period of time, including: warm blankets, extra gloves, a ski mask to protect your face, extra warm clothing and boots. Make sure the clothing you choose is made of materials that insulate well, such as fleece. Finally, if you have an old cell phone that you no longer use, charge it and keep it in your car. Even if the phone is not connected to any provider, you will still be able to call 911 on it. Alternatively, you can keep a fully charged battery pack and charging cable for your phone.

Part of preparing for the winter season is ensuring your car is safe to drive. If your SRS airbag module has deployed, you likely need to have it repaired or replaced before the winter season. When the airbag module deploys, it became useless and now prevents airbags from deploying in an accident. Thus, there is a great risk to driving a vehicle with the SRS airbag module deployed. Whether you have been in a car accident or purchased a car from an auction, the airbag module should be repaired as soon as possible. While many manufactures and repair shops will suggest you replace the deployed SRS airbag module, Safety Restore repair it for a fraction of the cost, saving you upwards of $1,000! Do not risk driving in the winter season with a SRS airbag module deployed – contact Safety Restore today and get it taken care of before the first snow fall!

Airbag Module Reset

Vehicle Flooding and Airbag Module Reset

Airbag Module Reset
Safety Restore’s Airbag Module Reset Service

We have all likely driven through water deeper than six inches – whether this was in a storm, or flooding, or off-roading. However, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, just six inches of water can hinder steering, making it difficult for a driver to control his or her vehicle. At 12 inches, a car can already begin to steadily to float away. Finally, any water above 24 inches leads to water seeping into a vehicle, particularly smaller sedans and lower cars. Driving through storms that involve heavy rainfall and flooding is becoming increasingly common due to extreme weather conditions and increased travel. Despite warnings, few people are prepared for vehicular flooding.

There are several steps to take to ensure safety before flooding occurs. First, unless the flooding occurs unexpectedly, there should be warnings on the radio or news about it. Stations such as the Emergency Alert System (EAS), or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Weather Radio or local warning systems can keep you informed of flooding in your area. Take heed of these warnings: do not travel through flooded areas or drive around barricades. Next, do not underestimate the power and danger of flooding, no matter how shallow the flooding is. Remember – just six inches of flooding can make steering more difficult and can lead to losing control of the vehicle. Turn around if you can and seek higher ground if you are able to. Stay away from bridges or other areas near fast-moving water. Vehicles can be easily washed away by unexpected, rapidly moving flood waters off bridges.

At Safety Restore, we understand that extreme weather and storms can happen unexpectedly. Though it is hard to stay safe, you can avoid danger by following the steps outlined above. Moreover, ensure your vehicle is properly maintained. If you airbag has deployed or your airbag light is on, you may need to have your airbag module reset. After an impact, even a minor one, airbag modules may become useless, requiring airbag module resets. In this process, the airbag computer reset is completed by using an OEM factory installed program. Airbag SRS module reset is a great alternative to airbag module replacement, which can cost upwards of $1,000.00. At Safety Restore, we offer 24-hour turnaround period, so your module will be on its way back to you as quickly as possible. Do not risk waiting for an emergency situation, such as flooding – contact Safety Restore about airbag module reset today.

Seat Belt Repair

Vehicle Winterizing & Seatbelt Retractor Repair

Seatbelt Retractor Repair
Safety Restore’s seat belt retractor repair is the best in the industry.

With winter season approaching, drivers need to begin thinking about winterizing their vehicles to deal with the onslaught of cold temperatures, black ice and, of course, snow! The winter is especially hard on vehicles, but by winterizing you vehicle, you can limit potential damage to your car and ensure your safety and the safety of your passengers. Follow these six steps to winterize your vehicle.

Check your battery: cold weather is brutal on a vehicle’s battery. Make sure your battery does not need to be replaced. You can have a mechanic check your battery. Even if your battery does not need to be replaced, a mechanic and clean up any corrosion on the connections and posts of it.

Maintain your windshield wipers and wiper fluid: Make sure you have plenty of wiper fluid and that your windshield wipers do not need to be replaced. You can also find windshield wiper fluid that has a lower freezing temperature. Malfunctioning or frayed windshield wipers should be replaced as soon as possible.

Get snow tires: if the roads you drive daily are snow covered on an on-going basis, you may consider getting snow tires, which provide more traction. With softer rubber than your typical all-season tires, these tires maintain flexibility in colder temperatures. They also have grooved patterns that can grip snow and ice. Whether you drive on all-season tires or snow tires, you should ensure proper tire pressure. Air pressure in tires drops in cold weather. Generally, 1psi is lost for every 10 degree drop in temperature.

Check your anti-freeze: make sure your anti-freeze and water mixture is at about 50:50 in order to hinder any coolant from freezing in your radiator. Auto stores typically carry inexpensive anti-freeze testers, which you can use to test the mixture yourself.

Use a thinner oil: you may consider switching to a thinner oil. Oil is used as a lubricant in your engine. During the winter season, cold temperatures result in thicker oil, which impacts lubrication ability. By switching to a thinner oil, you can keep the effectiveness of the oil.

Maintain your vehicle’s safety: if you need maintenance on your car, including seat belt retractor repair, be sure to do it before the winter time. Maintaining safety is always important, but especially so when driving on slick roads in the winter season. If your seat belt is not retracting the way it used to, you may need seat belt retractor repair. Luckily, Safety Restore offers seat belt retractor repair that is fast, easy, and affordable. Simply detach your seat belts and mail them to Safety Restore. Safety Restore will take care of your seat belt retractor repair within 24 hours of receiving them. Not only will your seat belt retractor repair improve the look of your car, but you will be safe for the upcoming winter months. Do not wait for an accident – contact Safety Restore about seat belt retractor repair today!

Airbag Module Reset

Was your SRS Airbag Module Deployed?

Has your SRS airbag module been deployed? Safety Restore can have it reset!

Airbags on a car are an important safety tool like seat belts. With over six million car accidents a year in the United States, you have likely already seen or experienced an airbag being deployed. The process begins when the collision sensor sends data to the airbag module, and the airbag deploys and fills with a gas. This process takes place in only seconds, protecting whoever is sitting by the airbag.

Airbags have been around in some form for over 50 years. Patents for basic airbags can be found as early as the 1950s; however, these systems lacked the crucial sensor component. There were also failures in design, such as trying to use compressed air for airbags, which did not inflate fast enough. In 1968, Allen Breed invented and patented a safety sensor system that would lead to the technology necessary to deploy airbags. This system was the world’s first electromechanical airbag system for vehicles.

Ford car company manufactured vehicles with airbags in 1971 experimentally, and General Motors followed suit. In 1973, the first the Oldsmobile Toronado became the first vehicle with airbags manufactured for the general public. In 1974, car manufacturers were required to provide either seat belts or airbags in vehicles, despite lobbying against the requirement by both Ford and GM. However, by the 1980s, most car manufactures not only accepted that airbags were necessary, but sought to improve safety on vehicles. In 1981, for example, Mercedes-Benz created a pretension seat belt that would lock and hold the passenger at impact before deploying the airbag.  This was an integration of airbags and seat belts as a system instead of two separate parts, which has become standard on all vehicles.

Today, vehicle safety is continuing to improve.  Most cars now have a collision sensor, which sends a signal to the airbag module causing the airbag to deploy. After the SRS airbag module deployed, the airbag module will need to be replaced to reset. If your SRS air bag module deployed, Safety Restore can help by resetting it. When theSRS module deploys, crash data and hard codes get stored which renders it useless. Using only OEM technology, Safety Restore can erase these hard codes restore any airbag module that has been deployed.   Safety Restore’s process of SRS airbag module resetting can save you upwards of $1,000.00. If your SRS airbag module deployed, do not delay resetting it any longer – it could save your life!

Classic Cars Seat Belt Repair

Does your classic car need the seat belts restored?

Classic Car Seat Belt Restoration
Safety Restore Offers Seat Belt Restoration Services for Classic Cars

While some seek the comfort of high-end, luxury vehicles, other seek the comfort of all American Muscle Cars. When it comes to classic cars, American muscle cars are some of the most sought after vehicles, particular by collectors in the United States. These collectors are not looking for the comfort of the latest technological features, but reminiscing a simpler past that prized raw power in a car. What exactly defines an American muscle car?  An American muscle car is an all American made car with a V-8 engine. While four-door cars and convertibles can also be American Muscle Cars, the most popular ones are two-door cars. Horsepower and drive are the most vital aspects of a muscle car. Most importantly, the car must have eight cylinders to be classified as a muscle car, which gives the classic car unmatched fierceness and muscle.

The ferocity and raw drive of these vehicles from the 1960s and the 1970s inspires nostalgic collectors who grew up watching the vehicles or newer and younger collectors seeking a powerful drive.  Collectors know that collecting American muscle cars is a labor of love. To get the car into its original shape is often time-consuming, costly and can be frustrating. Nevertheless, the end result is always worth it.

Safety Restore offers classic car seat belt restoration, as well as repair or replacement.  Seat belts often wear very quickly, becoming frayed, torn, or stained, which requires seat belt restoration. Having the correct type of seat belt can not only help keep the car accurate, but can transform the look of the interior. Safety Restore makes classic car seatbelt restoration a simple and easy process.  All you have to do it remove the seat belts and mail them to Safety Restore.  Safety Restore offers classic car seat belt restoration in a variety of unique colors and trims. With a 24-hour turnaround time, your classic car will be complete and your new seat belts will be on their way back to you!

Seat Belt Repair

Did you get into an accident and now need seat belt repair services?

Safety Restore offers seat belt repair services specifically for cars after an accident.

With over six million car accidents a year, you will likely experience a car accident at some point in your life. In the chaos after an accident, it is easy to lose sight of the necessary steps to ensure you are protected. However, there is a procedure with clear and definitive ways for you to protect yourself and your interests.

First, you should always stop after an accident, even a minor one.  Second, make sure you protect yourself and the scene. You should immediately get out of harm’s way and warn other drivers if there is harm. For example, if you have flares, consider using them to warn other drivers, especially if your vehicle is in a traveling lane.  Third, make sure you get an accurate police report. Police reports can expedite the claims process, especially if there are property or medical claims. Make sure the report is accurate; do not speculate or guess, but relay the information to the best of your knowledge. Fourth, take pictures of the scene. Do this as soon as possible in case the vehicle needs to be moved. Fifth, you will need to exchange information with the other driver(s). Sixth, file a report with your insurance company as soon as possible and send in any information you have, such as the pictures, other driver’s information, and so on. Next, unless you are certain that you were not injured at all, seek medical help.  Even if the impact was not great, you may have sustained damage that can affect you long term if not treated. Finally, make sure you keep a file of all the accident documents you have. This file should house the accident report, other driver’s information, any medical expenses and treatments, and any costs associated with the accident.

Luckily, most accidents only result in property damage, such as seat belt damage. If you need seat belt repair after accident, Safety Restore can help.  Seatbelt repair after accident is necessary is the seat belt is malfunctioning, locked, or if the webbing was cut at any point.  Whether you have been in an accident recently or purchased an accident-damaged vehicle, seat belt repair after an accident is vital and the car should not be driven until it is complete. Safety Restore offers a wide variety of webbing colors, including yellow, green, pink, purple, and blue in addition to the basic colors like black and gray.  Safety Restore makes seat belt repair an easy, quick, and simple process. Simply detach your seat belts and mail them to Safety Restore. Within 24-hours, your seatbelt repair will be complete and the seat belt on its way back to you.

Airbag Module Reset

Don’t Overpay for SRS Airbag Module Reset Services

SRS Airbag Module Reset
srs airbag module reset services by Safety Restore

Do you ever feel like your mechanic is overcharging you?  Unfortunately, this issue is more widespread than people think.  Mechanics and shops can take advantage of you by charging for parts you do not need or providing unnecessary services or parts on your vehicle. If you do not understand vehicles, it may be difficult to challenge what the mechanic tells you. However, there are a few steps you can take before deciding on a mechanic to ensure you are not being taken advantage of.

First, before you even take the car into the shop, read about the issue online if you can. Check out forums and discussions to see how other people handled such a problem and what it cost them. You may even find out that the repair is easy enough for you to do on your own.  Next, make sure you have your vehicle’s manual. Each manual contains a service schedule that will tell you if and when to get a particular service. Dealers and car shops may try to recommend a service, but if it does not match up on your manual’s maintenance schedule, you likely do not need it.  However, if you are in desperate need of a more urgent repair, make sure you get multiple estimates. Not only will with guarantee the best price, but you will be able to see if each mechanic picks up on the same issues. Finally, check the reviews of the mechanic or shop. Likely, you will find these reviews easily online. If there are several negative reviews for overcharging or substandard work, then take your car to a different mechanic.

One way of saving cost on a repair is by having your SRS airbag module reset after an accident. Upon impact, SRS airbag module reset is necessary because the crash data stored on the module will render is useless until it is reset or repaired. Many mechanics will simply tell you to replace the module, however this is both costly and wasteful since SRS airbag module reset is a simple and cheap process. Safety Restore offers SRS airbag module reset and uses an OEM factory installed program to reset any crash data and hard codes. SRS airbag module reset can save you upwards of $1,000! Best of all, Safety Restore offers a 24-hour turnaround time, so your SRS airbag module reset will be completed and on its way back to you before you know it.

Seat Belt Repair

Do You Not Wear Your Seat Belt Because You Need Seat Belt Buckle Repair?

Seat Belt Buckle Repair
Safety Restore’s Seat Belt Buckle Repair Services

While most people wear seat belts, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that one in seven people still do not wear seat belts. Other sources estimate that number to be closer to one in five people, of 20% vehicle occupiers. Therefore, many still risk injury or death when not wearing a seat belt.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that seatbelts prevent death in over 15,000 people yearly. This is because seat belts offer five-way protection.

First, seat belts keep drivers and passengers within the vehicle during time of impact. Those who are thrown from a vehicle at the time of impact are over four times more likely to die as compared to those buckled inside the vehicle as the result of the accident.  Second, the modern three-point seat belt restrains the strongest point of the body: the hips and shoulders. This area is where most vital organs are located. By compacting this area, seat belts help to minimize damage from impact. Third, three-point seat belts help to disperse force from impact among a broad range of the body. The shoulder strap, for example, minimizes impact by halting the head and shoulders from jerking forward and hitting hard objects, such as the steering wheel or dashboard.  Fourth, seat belts hinder a jerking change in speed, slowing the body of the driver or passenger down. This time is vital for preventing injuries. Fifth, seat belts protect the brain and the spinal cord during time of impact. An injury to the spinal cord, like an injury to the head, can have devastating and sometimes deadly consequences. The shoulder-strap specifically helps prevent this type of damage during impact.

Often, people do not wear their seat belts because there is an issue with the or they are locked. If your seat belt buckle is faulty or locked, seat belt buckle repair may make the difference between life and death in a collision.  Safety Restore offers seat belt buckle repair services that is affordable and easy to complete.  Specifically, since 1996, retractors and pretensioner’s help to heighten the function of airbags by reducing one’s impact with the airbag during collision. Seat belt buckles often lock after an accident, but seat belt buckle repair by Safety Restore can alleviate this issue. With 24-hour turnaround time and a satisfaction guarantee, seatbelt buckle repair is necessary and there is no excuse for putting it off any longer.