Seat Belt Replacement

My dog chewed my homework. We’ve heard that phrase plenty of times before. What we haven’t heard too much before, is my dog chewed my seat belt. Yes, this does happen. And quite often at that. This is where Safety Restore steps in. Our company offers affordable seat belt replacement services where we repair or replace chewed, torn, or frayed seat belt webbing. We specialize in repairing your seat belt back to factory conditions. Whether your seat belt is old, worn out, or just in need of replacement, do not hesitate to send it to us! There is no need to throw away your seat belt. Here is an easier solution. Simply send your seat belt to and we will have it replaced for a low price of $75 per seat belt. In some states, your vehicle may not pass inspection if the seat belt webbing is not in proper condition or if it is in need of replacement. Instead of paying big bucks, just send in your seat belts to us and we will have them replaced safely and get them back to you in no time. We specialize in seat belt webbing replacement for ALL VEHICLES. Whether you drive a mercedes or a Honda, our company offers services for your seat belt.  Another bonus to sending in the belts for seat belt replacement is the impressive turnaround time. Upon receiving your seat belts, we will have them repaired and sent back to you within 24 hours! Send in your belts today and have them replaced at a fraction of the cost of going to a dealer. Do not spend hundreds of dollars on seat belt replacement by your dealer. They are sure to get your money’s worth. Simply remove the torn or frayed seat belt from your vehicle and send it in to us, and we will send the seat belt back to you in factory condition for cheap. No hassle. No stress. New belts.