Seat Belt Repair

How to test locked & blown seat belts.

Has your vehicle been in accident? Is your Airbag light on? Perhaps you’re not sure what the problem is.

Testing Seat Belts

If the airbags are deployed you can be certain that the seat belts need to be repaired. If they aren’t, you might need a little more insight on what the problem might be. In the above video Sean Morton, a Safety Restore technician, talks about the basics in testing seat belts and buckles.

Learn how you can determine which seat belt is bad and needs repair – fast and easy!

Repairing Your Seat Belt Properly

We offer an exclusive seat belt repair service that brings your seat belts back to life! Using 100% OEM parts we refurbish each seat belt back to its factory condition which are ready to be re-used in your vehicle and are guaranteed to perform as new during an accident.